Erkul Metal: Aesthetic and Functional Furniture Handles



Paying attention to the details that complement the elegance and functionality of your home or office is crucial to transforming your living spaces. One of these details is furniture handles. Erkul Metal has been providing specially designed and superior quality furniture handles to the furniture industry for years.

Quality and Durability

Erkul Metal offers products made from superior quality materials, manufactured by a team specialized in furniture handles. Our products are crafted with specifically selected materials to ensure long-lasting use and durability. As a result, we provide a long-term and reliable user experience for your furniture

Aesthetics and Variety

Erkul Metal combines aesthetics and functionality in furniture design, offering a wide range of products. We provide furniture handles in various styles and designs, such as modern, classic, or contemporary, to complement your furniture. To cater to our customers’ diverse preferences, we offer a wide range of color options, ensuring compatibility with all types of furniture designs.

Customization and Compatibility

Erkul Metal aims to provide custom solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. We have the capability to produce customized furniture handles to meet specific requirements in your furniture design. Additionally, we offer consultancy services to perfectly match your existing furniture design.


Customer Satisfaction

Erkul Metal always aims to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our professional and experienced team continuously strives to provide the best service to our customers. We are dedicated to continuously improving ourselves to maintain the quality standards of our products and meet customer expectations.

Transform your home or workplace ambiance and reflect the style of your furniture with Erkul Metal furniture handles. Add value to your living spaces with our products that offer a combination of quality, aesthetics, and functionality.

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